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FIM 2010 Self Service Mobile Password Reset

Password reset in the Active Directory is historically been done in proxy by helpdesk personnel or
user administrators. In this scenario, it is important to buffer those working in proxy from
the end-user's password history to preserve security.

With the release of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010, Microsoft offers an
application that enables end-users to reset their passwords without calling helpdesk.

To extend the functionality of FIM Self-Service password reset, Jeem Services has developed an
enterprise application for Microsoft FIM 2010 SSPR (Self Service Password Reset). This mobile
application allows enterprise and corporate users to reset their Active Directory
password through any mobile device regardless of the platform.

Register the FIM Service end-point in the Azure. This is done through the registration portal, where IT will fill out the necessary details and Jeem Support professionals will provide guidance on how to expose the endpoints in Azure. Once the end-point is exposed, we will create a unique Customer specific endpoint in Azure so mobile clients can communicate with it.

The client downloads the application from market place or App store and enter username and domain, system would check for the registration of this device in the Azure database, if no record is found, then it sends a one-time password as a text message to the phone that is listed as the primary cell phone for the user in FIM.

Enterprise user uses the OTP to register that device and now self-service password reset is allowed.

Enterprise user initiates the password reset process.

The above steps are based on JMEAP platform as a service in Azure. Customers can also deploy the platform in their own Azure instance, extranet, or private cloud.


Device Manageability
◊ Registration of devices through OTP           ◊ Manages and Authenticates devices            ◊ Portal to manage and register devices

JMEAP Platform
◊ JMEAP built on Microsoft Windows Azure as a cloud based service
◊ Provides the ability to secure & scale on demand to support growing number of users, applications and mobile devices.
◊ High grade middleware services with multi-tenancy & consistent development and management model for applications.
◊ Rapidly growing platform for cloud based services.
◊ Market place to publish cloud service & mobile applications

Secure on Premise Connectivity
◊ Provide flexible authentication & authorization services in the cloud. Ability for IT admins to outsource identity integration
◊ Capability to authenticate via cloud Identity or on-premise identity using federation and single sign on. Supports WS-Trust,
   WS-Fed, Home Realm Discovery and ADFS 2.0
◊ Ability to support protocols like Oauth, SAML etc through Azure Access Control Server (ACS).

FIM 2010 SSPR Video
Demo video of FIM Mobile Password Reset application is now available
Click here to see demo video: